Thursday, March 6, 2008

Going back to Spore tomorrow

Hi Hi guys.. Yes this entry will be posted only later. Don't wanna spoil the surprise, just in case my mummy reads my entries. Hahahah. We will be back in Singapore from 7th March (830pm) till 9th March (330pm). Coming back via coach this time and it will be a 10 hour journey to and fro.

The motive of the trip? To celebrate my mother's birthday! Hee Hee Hee. How can I not be around on my mummy's special day? :) *kiss mummy on forehead*

Next year is her 60th Da Shou also. Must plan something exciting. It's not everyday one turns 60! ahahah. Mine will be celebrated with lotsa fanfare! But ahhaha I CAN WAIT. hahaha. Turning 30 didn't feel much though. Perhaps because I was surrounded by love and warmth. Hahaha. I had thought that the Big 3 would be painful and depressing but on the contrary, I enjoyed myself. I think I've really "grown up" ahhahaa. Oh well.

The short-lived days in Singapore will be spent mainly with FAMILY this time. Hope to squeeze in time to see a few friends and of course our daughter Zesa, who would be BLACK after her softball carnival. I remember being incredulous and staring at her in May last year, just before she became my bridesmaid. AHhahaha The gerl had turned a bronze shade of black just weeks before her surrogate parents walked down the aisle. I wonder if all eyes were on the bride or the black bridesmaid, the day she held my train and we marched down the stairs in the Intercon. hahahaha. *nostalgic*

hahaha I can't believe I've already been Mrs Tan for 9.5months already! Tian Ahhhhhh.

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