Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Selfish Man and his Friend, the Tree.

Dear all,
It's been a while but since there was nothing really titillating to update, I have left my blog blank. However, yesterday was quite fun. I gave my students in the orphanage a grammar test and told them that if they don't PASS the test, they will be BANNED from the bbq we will be organising in October for them. haahaha With beads of perspiration running down their foreheads, despite the chilly airconditioned air, they embarked on the half an hour test. After an hour, and after we were done discussing the answers, we found some just passing by the skin of their teeth and the rest all above average. ahahha. Totally unexpected. Highest was 30/33! *claps*
We started on another activity. I told them a story about a selfish man who demanded everything from his friend a tree. When a boy, he demanded apples to eat. When a young man, he demanded branches to build shelter for his family. When old and tired, he wanted the trunk to build a sail boat to relax and sail away. All was taken without a word of thanks. He left the selfless tree behind , sad and lonely. When finally he was very haggard and nearing the end of his days, he came back to the tree. The tree did not have anything to offer but the man did not want anything. So the tree offered him his dying roots for a seat to take stock of his world. The man gratefully sat down and realised that throughout his life, he had neglected the tree and had not offered him any appreciation.
I made the children think of pple in their lives who have given them care and concern. Some were very cynical and cracked jokes but after I pointed out that they were like the selfish Man, they kept quiet. Next, I passed around coloured paper and markers and they all got busy doing up a card to pass to the special someone who had touched their lives and whom they had not thanked.
The kids took the next 20minutes to draw their cards and write their messages to this person. Hahahha When Alan and I walked around, we quietly sniggered at some drawings. hahahaha Very funny. After the lesson ended, I made the kids promise to pass the card to the person they wanted to thank and dismissed them.
Ahhhh Alan and I collected about 5 cards! hahahaa. Of course, one 18-year-old student, who had the drawing talent of a 3 year old, drew me in the card and I must say I must look HIDEOUS in his eyes. hahahaha. (Me as seen in the eyes of 18 year old Chow Chin Man)
But we were very touched. We also have started, from lesson 1, a diary for the kids. Every week, one kid takes home the diary and writes in it. :) It's kinda an outlet for them to pen something down but most entries have been recorded thanks for our classes. :)

10 September 2008
My bags are packed and I'm ready to go! Will be back home TOMORROW evening! O YEAH!

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