Saturday, September 13, 2008

Where I Belong

Ahhhh This blog entry is typed on my mum's DELL. It's already midnight on 13th September 2008 but we accomplished alot over the past two days.

On the 12th September, we fell asleep in the cab on the way to KLIA as we had slept at 2am the night before. Alan and I have a very weird traditional - the night before any trip, we will stay up till very late. ahhaha Sometimes, a necessity, sometimes not.
Our very quick flight got us back by 6pm and we disembarked and took a cab back to my place to dump our huge luggage bags. The same cab took us to Marina Square for Alan to buy his software *what??? SHOP AGAIN??? Zesa the Ginnah had exclaimed. We had dinner at the foodcourt there and Alan had his usual fix - meepoktah. I went for the Bian Mian there. Not bad.
We bought a box of mooncakes for Alan to present to his boss whom I was meeting the day after and lugged everything home in a cab.

Today, we left the house around 1030am to run the remaining of our errands. We headed to the AA Centre to make our international driving licences and then scampered to Chinatown. Brunch was a simple porridge and pohpiah which left much to be desired. Then, we had to pick up our tour tickets and information etc at ASA. Deciding against a massage (to save moo-lah) we took the MRT to Orchard.
Alan had foolishly forgotten his D300 charger and we had to buy a new one. I also picked up some cosmetics for the trip so I did not need to bring huge containers of toner / cleansing gel etc... In anticipation of my mum's arrival, we had drinks at Central. As mum arrived after that, we adjourned to Crystal Jade for a simple lunch.
Soon, it was Singtel that beckoned and we picked up an iPhone for The Husband. He has the black one and I have the white. hahaa. It was half the price compared to mine (from HK). ;p
Then Jean arrived and Alan had to leave to have a dinner and drinks with his boss. So we all went to Far East Plaza to see if we could pick up something.
Paul and Yvonne joined us for dinner at Ramen - Ten and afterwhich we tried to shop somemore but ended up leaving the place empty-handed.

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