Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More tete-a-tete!

Dear all,

When we meet up over the next few days, please remind me that my waistline is thickening and that I should just order a salad and a hot tea when we engage in our mindless chatter. Hahaha. It's true. The catching-up has taken its toil on my physique and I'd dread to return to KL a pudgy, shapeless housewife. Let's take yesterday for example...

I lounged around the house until it was time to leave and then took a bus to Doby Ghaut. I stormed across to Plaza Sing in the dreadful heat (no wonder I don't leave my apartment in KL) and started shopping with nothing in mind.

In the end, I hit Daiso and picked up some gems. Bought some stuff for Hayden as well which we can use during our lessons. Hahhaha. Oh yah, by the way, his mum emailed me and requested for 2 - 3 lessons whilst we are both in Singapore!!! I am amazed. I've never given lessons to a kid in two different countries before! Ma Ma Mi Ah!

Anyway, I suggested that she bring him down to my place on Friday and Saturday morning 9-1030am cos those are the only time slots that can be squeezed outta my busy (pigging-out) schedule!! xp We shall see if she's keen.

Sorry digressed again...

Well, after Daiso, it was time to leave and adjourn to Parkmall Olio Dome to catch up with Kala and Hema. (Azline developed a headache after choosing that ulu place with nothing to do, and decided not to gimme face and join us in the end..) Look what marking does to you babe? Hahaa Hema, of cos, looked much more relaxed than Kava, who seemed as though she was counting down the seconds to going home to mark. HAhahahhaa. (I just realised that Life is Beautiful!)

After finishing a tandori chicken tortilla wrap (says defensively," I didn't have lunch you knoW?) and sharing a cheesecake ( omg it's a good way to die), Malini sent me to Paragon. I had an hour and a half or so to kill so I roamed around. There was a lovely dress on sale at POA but I didn't buy it. (tahan) and nothing was attractive at Muji and I decided to just wait outside Sushi Tei for our two siginnahs and their daddy to arrive.

It was around 8+pm when four famished fools sat down to dinner and of course we ordered like we were 8 famished fools. There was a big steamboat of chicken and seafood nabe (YuM), sashimi salad, salmon belly soup, beef slice rolled with mushrooms, mango and king prawn sushi,1 curry rice, 1 unagi rice and 2 noodles. Oh oh, there were approx 4 plates of sushi too. hahahhaa. The bill came up to be $145 and our bellies roared in approval.

At approximately 945pm, we bade the two "little" girls farewell and went our separate ways.

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