Monday, February 4, 2008

A weekend of ShOpPinG!!!!

Very quick updates cos the housewife has mountains of things to do:

Friday 1 Feb 2008
The weekend, as the title of this post suggests, was happily spent shopping. Yes , Friday was yet another welcomed public holiday here in KL and so Alan and I rouse late (10+) and spent the day watching DVDs till around 4+.

We then showered and checked out Sunway Pyramid, a shopping centre that I had never been to. The movie, Meet the Spartans, was at 730pm and we were meeting Robin, Nicky and Sam (Rob's friend).

In search of Alan's new year clothing, we hopped into SPringfield and Alan quickly lapped up 2 shirts. Then I hit Promod (A french boutique) and bought a sundress (yes there are sunflowers all over it - so un-me) for less than 1/2 price and a pair of pants. We then roamed around somemore to kill time with a Baskin Robins in hand.

The movie was quite hilarious at first and the Malay girl sitting next to me was cackling every other second...but soon it got 'duh' and boring. haii...

After the movie, we were brought and treated to dinner at Asia Cafe- not unlike Newton Hawker Centre in SIN. Very happening hawker centre with delicious food lining the rows and rows of stalls. Apparently the boys bought us dinner cos Alan had bought them dinner in SIN. hahaha. Quite sweet of them, I must say! :)

Satur 2 Feb 2008
We watched Dvd till late and then went to Lot 10 to explore. It was a miserable shopping centre with nothing much to offer. Since we had skipped lunch, we were starving and headed into the first restaurant - Societe - we came across. No regrets there! My loh mee was swimming in hot and delicious gravy and Alan's fried tung-hoon was endowed with great taste. The penang rojak was a bit disappointing though and had a funny taste to it. Everything was washed down with a steaming hot teh-terik that was served with a shortbread cookie! YuM!

Sungei Wang beckoned next as we needed to buy some stuff. We trotted there in the drizzle, almost losing out way once. And once we got e'thing we needed (including a pair of shoes for me), we returned to Lot 10 for a juice and left praying that there would be no jam to suffer through.

Sunday 3 Feb 2008

We went to 1Utama early today to run some errands and do last-minute new year clothes (yes MORE MORE MORE!) shopping. Alan bought a pair of jeans and a shirt from Zara and I hit TopShop and fell in love with a pair of jeans.

Lunch was a sinful (again) affair at Canton-I but because of the crowd, the quality of food (porridge, timsum , shrimp dumpling soup etc) served left much to be desired. sigh. What a let down.

We went to Ikano POwer Centre next to get dog food, Jay's vitamins and also some medicated shampoo for him. He's suffering from mites attack and needs to be medicated. the poor dear. :(

Then we went home to cook sweet potata porridge for dinner. hahahaa. Must balance out our sinful lunch with a bland dinner :D

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