Thursday, January 31, 2008

A visit to the Clinic!

Sorry for the lack of updates. The past few days, I have gotten my hands dirty and indulged in clay making again. ahhhh.. Wanna see the spoils of my victory? hahaha I'm getting proud of my work! :D

Anyway, today Jay Jay and I spent a fruitful day together. ;) Mother-son bonding.

I brought him by cab to Ikano Power Centre, near Ikea, to visit his most hated enemy, Dr Christopher James, the vet! (Alamak this sentence has so many commas! My HOD will surely shake his head in dismay!)

Anyway, we jumped into a cab after I quickly finished the household chores (wash the dishes, put the clothes into washing machine cum dryer and water the plants) at 1110am. The elderly Indian taxi-driver had no inkling that there was an 'anjing' in the taxi. haha. The ride cost mother and son RM15 (inclusive of Rm2 toll).

We headed quickly to the clinic and I deposited Jay Jay into the good hands of the vet. He is having some skin rashes - suspected mites case, and is also due for his 3rd vaccination. The poor fella wouldb e given his jab after a medicated wash.

I had 2 hours to dispose of so I did what I do best when alone - SHOP!

First stop - Popular Bookstore! It was hUGE and I browsed for all of 1.5hrs! hahaha Bought some stickers to indule in Sticker War with the ginnah (I am still young ok? :p) and a book to keep me company when I am lonely, and also a clay modelling set. Ahhhh I shall be able to make ballerinas soon :)

2nd stop - DaVinci. This store sells craft stuff. I bought a paint palette and also some clay on 50% discount.

3rd stop - Clothes stores - Bought some clothes but all not for me. (see how selfless?)

4th stop- Missha makeup store. Bought my eyebrow liner and also nail polish / hardener.

My lunch was a solo affair. I ate Ikea's delicious hotdog plus a bottle of mineral water (totalled up to RM3). Not only are you allowed to put your own sauces (ketchup / mustard / chilli) like S'pore, here they also provided relish and onions. YUM!

After I chomped down my lunch, I headed back to the animal clinic to fetch my son. Boy was he delighted to see me! hahaha

We crossed the road together in search of a taxi home. The first driver we approached was a suspicious looking tanned chinese who incredulously quoted us Rm30 to bring us back home! I then approached the 'kak' , a tudung wearing lady cab driver who quoted me Rm20 instead. Alright... whatever works ;p

We got home in no time with us trying to communicate using my less than adequate Malayu. ;p She was very accomodating of Jay Jay surprisingly. He was squealling and barking occasionally. Think he was feeling very uncomfortable.. the poor baby!

Anyway I am waiting for Alan to fetch me for dinner now. It's 702pm.

The lowest point of the day - on my journey to the clinic, I saw another accident. There was a body (not sure if he was still alive) lying on the ground, facing down. Another motorcyclist. I said a silent prayer for him....

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