Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm HOME :)

5th Feb 2008 (Tuesday)

We took the 855am Singapore Airlines back home. Ahhh... Felt really great to be back, even though we've only been away for merely afew months. Of course, the taxi fare was excruciating (compared to Malaysia), even though I stay so near the airport.

Ash gave us a great warm welcome, elated to finally see his parents again. *sigh* I don't wanna leave him here in Singapore... :~(

Abit stoned but not wanting to waste precious time sleeping, we left for Tiong Bahru market to surprise Alan's dad at his Harriann's stall. (ahhh.. an advert here - guys, if you wanna try the famous ondeh ondeh (many exciting flavours available such as chocolate, yam or the original) or the gluttinous rice (sweet or salty or both), pls head right down to Tiong Bahru Market level 2~!! Oh yah, during Chinese New Year there is a great variety of cookies and kuay sold as well. Home-made and delicious!

After greeting Ah ma and daddy at the stall, we gobbled down the Loh Mee (with shark) for lunch and then went off to Chinatown to our favourite foot reflexology place for a massage. I had half an hour of back rub and half an hour of foot reflexology. Painful and scarring. I emerged with two badly bruised shoulder blades and the disappointment of not being able to wear all my tubes and bare-back clothing that I had bought for the new year! hahaha duh right?

Next on my list of decadence was a US facial at Body Wellness. Alan sent me down to Winsland House 1 at Killiney Road whilst he savoured even more sinful pleasures in his purchase of his much-coveted D300. hahaha. To each his own.

Two hours later, my dead pores were all faithfully scrubbed away and I emerged with a new glow, befitting my status as a taitai. We headed back to Daddy's place for a home-cooked meal by Gina.

Then it was home sweet home.

6th Feburary (Wednesday)

I went back to Crescent in the morning not only to return my PS card but especially to visit all my friends and students. Faces were black during to the long and lacking CNY concert but I was glad to be back to my previous 'second home'. My S1 girls were there as well and I realised just how much I had missed them :)

Then it was off to Parkway Parade to pick up some essentials - shampoo/conditioner/facial scrub/ hair treatment oil etc etc all of which cannot be purchased in KL. I will be staggering under the weight of my suitcase very soon, trying to 'dapao' all these babies back to M'sia.

We went to OSIM and bought Daddy an I-Pamper for his birthday present. Happy Birthday Daddy!In anticipation of the tightening of our waistbands as well, Alan bought a U-robic. You know, the model that came after the I-gallop? hahaha We are able to purchase it in S'pore and collect it in Mid Valley KL. How great is that!!?? On my next trip home, you will see a svelte and sexy Sharon. hahaha. I dunno abt Alan ahh.. We also tried the U-pilot that we have been coveting and also the new U-Yoyo. ahhahaa.. Very delicious and Oh-so-tempting..Now let's pray for a fabulous bonus for Alan!!! Jia You laogong!

Our reunion dinner was a merger between two families. My mummy and Jean and Enging joined Daddy, Mummy, Ah Ma, Sharon and Gina at the Raffles Town Club for a feast fit for the kings and queens. Yu Sheng, cod fish, tiger prawns, sea cucumber and mushrooms, prawns and scallops, shark fins soup, gluttinous rice, pumpkin cake and walnut soup with riceballs. Hmm.. did I leave anything out?? The dishes were nutritious and swimming with all natural goodness and taste. I like!

We left the club late 10pm and went home to gamble the night away.

7th February 2008 ( Thursday)

We woke up late due to the previous night of decadence. I lumbered downstairs only to find that my sister had left after visiting. What a waste. But she had also left me a nice surprise for my birthday - a Coach clutch!!! I like!!!!!!!!!! :)~

Then after the usual sweet soup in the morning, Alan and I went to visit Daddy and Mummy etc. Next stop was the temple where we gave our blessings and had a bowl of mee suah each for brunch.

We went to AMK Ah Ma's house after that had enjoyed a delicious home-cooked meal. Ahhh I especially loved the pig intestines soup. So pepperish and steaming hot! *slurps* Soon after celebrating TK's birthday with a sinful creamy strawberry shortcake, we whipped out the VIP element that would make any CNY a huge success - Mahjong.

hahaha Being the youngest and only lady player at the table (Alan, Daddy and Ah-Gu who were all High Hands - Gao Shou) and playing with the highest stakes I ever endeavoured, of course tension was rife. As the game drew on, my face got redder and redder.. ahahhaha and FINALLY I an gang 5-tie!!!! YaY!! *Cash register opening sound*

ahhahaha At the end of the few hours, I had won all 3 players. *Distant applause*

Alan and I left for Lorong Chuan after that to visit my grandmother. Ahahahha This was the first time distributing angpaos. HAhahaa. This moment will go down in History. ;p Alan happily started self-entertaining and clicked away with his D300, capturing all the hustle and bustle. Soon boredom struck and it was (again) 4 hunks to the rescue (Mr North, Mr South, Mr East and Mr West). AHahahaha.

After losing my winnings in the afternoon, we bid farewell to the 4 hunks and joined 'Las Vegas'. My young cousin distributed the cards sans the bunny uniform and we played a few rounds before we decided to call it a night.

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