Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How CNY was spent-part II

8th February 2008 (Friday)

I must admit that this CNY was spent unlike any other - i.e. there was relatively little pigging out and the waist band of my newly purchased Top Shop jeans didn't expand extensively. How amazing. Even more incredulous was my discovery that my jeans were actually LOOSE! ha How wonderful is that??!!? (I can see all the women readers nodding frantically away!)

Dinner today was a healthy steamboat, swimming with all natural goodness of abalone, sea cucumber, the balls of all the sea creatures etc etc. A vege-maniac, I was as drawn to the lettuce as Alan was enticed by the fish's crown jewels.

Before dinner, however, we met Uncle Hock at daddy's. He was a Qi-Gong Master who apparently had the power to cure many different ailments. He was transferring some qi to daddy as we entered the flat. And he slapped my semi-swollen ankle (the one I sprained in Japan) afew times painfully as well, to help the swell subside. Alan was subjected next to his treatments and he cured him of his clammy, cold palms! Uncle Hock also told all present in the room that I was the one with the Fu Qi (luck) and quickly I was given the label Cai Shen! Hahaha.

Anyway, it was 11pm when Alan and I reached ONS to meet my long-lost colleagues. Many people turned up - Wee and Dave, Sebas, Leo and Wan Hui, Phyllis, Eileen and bro, Wendy and even Ivy! hahhaha. Unfortunately, the music left much to be desired (even after 2 complaints by us to the waitress). It was only 5mins after we left at ard 1+am that kai the bouncer msged me and reported that the music had improved and many people were on the dance floor gyrating their CNY calories away. By then, we had already left the car park after saying HI HI to halifi and his friend :D

9th February 2008 (Saturday)

We couldn't sleep in much today as there were appointments and obligations to fulfill. I was to meet Siew huang and Jim, Boon Keng and Shermeen, Stephen and Gary for brunch at Bosses, Vivo City. Alan sent me there early as he had to fill one leg at the MJ table.

I went to Star Hub to change my internet plan from unlimited to the flexisurf one and then went shopping at Daiso. Dimsum lunch beckoned and we all chatted and gossiped and caught up with one another. Imagine that this group of us are based in 3 different countries! haahha

After the brunche, Gary and I proceeded to meet another Gary at Bakerz Inn at 2pm. They chatted whilst I pretended not to fall asleep in my chair. Then I collected 2 birthday cakes for my father-in-law's birthday celebration that evening and Sharon my sis-in-law came to fetch me from the bus stop. After a trecherous journey involving some cursing and swearing, we arrived at Jalan Bukit Merah.

Alan quickly relinquished his place at the MJ table, having lost all of one hundred dollars to his grandmother, dad and aunt. I concentrated hard to help him recoup his losses and I must admit, luck was on my side. At the end of the day, I had won $55 and helped my dear husband win back some pride. ahahah.

Dinner was a delicious buffet spread at the corridor. ginseng chicken, pork ribs, scallops, cold dish etc etc. And then there was the Strawberry Cheesecake and the Oreo Cheesecake from Bakerz Inn. My daddy-in-law was a happy man as he turned 61 with so many loved ones around him.

The big event of the day arrived at the end of the day when we all gathered at the long table to invest in a money making venture. Ban Luck. Each of us took turns to 'cherng' at the table, including my 18-year-old sister, who felt the pinch.

It was almost 1am when we reached home that evening.

10th February 2008 (Sunday)

We woke up at around 10am and quickly showered and left the house for Marina Square. Alan wanted to buy some accessories for his D300. At around 1230pm, we met Edwyna, Pearlyn and Pei Ting at Changing Appetites.

I was presented with a lovely jigsaw puzzle from XGG for my belated birthday present - a pic of 2 of us outside the ballroom during Grad Nite '07. :~)

We entertained ourselves with Qian Bian Wen Da Ti whilst pigging out. The girls had desserts whilst Alan and I were starving and ordered the mouth-watering pork ribs to fill our bellies. We laughed and chatted and joked and smiled and soon it was time to say goodbye. With promises to write and send the photographs over, Alan and I went to the cinema to catch Ah Long Pte ltd.

Firstly, even after the $1 discount per ticket, both tickets still cost a hefty $17. ;p And later, sad to say, I fell asleep thrice in the theatre. I don't know if you'd agree with me, but Fann Wong can hardly pass off as a Da Jie with her porcelin skin and her silky hair. Ahhhh Mark Lee, on the other hand, was even gay-er than my gay friend and his Malaysian accent was hilarious. But even so, he couldn't save the plotless show. I give it 1 popcorn/star/ moon.

After the movie, we flew into Golf House to purchase my shoes. Ahhhhhh Thank Heavens I didn't buy them in Malaysia. The Adidas (blue-based with white stripes) pair I bought was sold much cheaper here BEFORE a 20% off. They cost (Alan) slightly less than SGD$100. We also bought gloves and a visor...

LATE was what we were went to got into the car and zoomed down to Chat Masala to have a hearty meal. SGD$177 bought us pilaf rice, raita, mussels, chicken, mutton, chutney, nan etc etc.
And it served 9. Then it was back home to rest and chat.

When the guests left, Alan and I brought Ash to the linear park nearby for a walk.

11th February 2008 (Monday)

I met my longest-time friend (since Sec 1) Daryl for breakfast at Coffee Club -the one outside California fitness in Orchard. We met at 10am and had a good chat. Ladies, this hunkie dory is a good good catch!! He is the only refuting evidence to the saying 'All the Good Ones are Taken". ahhahahaa Till today I still can't tell you why he's unattached. However, he is based currently in gloomy London, doing coporate law.

Then we strode to Royal Scotts, Carousel where a buffet spread beckoned, a treat to the English Department 2007, for winning the Best Contribution Award (hurrah!) 2007. I caught up with Azzie, Kal and the rest amist the dimsum, meats and sweets. The Boss even ordered Andrew and I a birthday cake for a post-birthday celebration! how sweet!!! Thanks guys!

Then I went with Wees to Wisma to buy Malini a bye-bye gift. I couldn't stay for long for MORE pampering was on the list. After choosing a chunky ring very suitable for Hema, I trotted to Body Wellness to claim my birthday treat - a 75mins extravaganza. A body scrub, oatmeal mask and a half an hour back rub with luxurious cream. Ahhhhhh.. When I awoke at 415pm, I felt like the heavens had descended upon me and that floating feeling was amazing.

I met Zesa outside Heeren and she passed her surrogate mum the 2 boxes of kuay lapis (prune and cheese) she had brought back from the flooded jakarta. YUMMY!! We treated our 2 daughters, one more stoned than the other , to Swensen's. and then we walked around Paragon and Lucky Plaza in search of my laptop bag and Alan's D300 accessories.

We next headed for City Hall and did a quick dinner of Beef Noodles Special at the food court upstairs. The standard has dipped somewhat though, and we left not totally satisfied. Then, it was Home Sweet Home, our last night in Singapore (for a long time), to pack for the trip back home.

12th February 2008 (Tuesday)

We flew in a squeezy MAS back to KL and the cab journey back to Sri Tiara was admittedly much shorter in comparison to that to Lanson. After doing a quick unpacking and shoving things into the ample cupboards, we went to Robin's to fetch Jay Jay back.

Jay Jay's skin problem had deteriorated and we immediately brought him to Dr Christopher James at Ikano Power Centre Animal Clinic again. Again, a medicated wash was suggested but this time we shaved him bald first - yes, now Jay Jay looks like a scrawny little white lamb / chihuahua, instead of a maltese. ;p

Our lunch cum dinner was settled at Sushi King where we devoured plates and plates of sushi. Then we brought Jay Jay home after his traumatising time out.

We watched the dvd Signs (mel gibson) at home until it was time for 'trading'. Alan and I went to Mid Valley to meet a 'forumer who was to purchase his D80 and accessories. hahaha Men and their toys!

Anyway, after the successful trade, I had a Hot Vanilla and Alan had a cafe Latte at Coffee Bean and we both shared a Blueberry Muffin.

What a long, eventful and tiring day!!!

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