Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day Folks!

14 February 2008 (thursday)

I rushed and rushed hubbie's Vday present in 2 days (suffered backache/neck ache/ headache in the process) and emerged victorious with a Scrapbook of Love documenting precious moments of our lives as a couple, before and after marriage. Husband least expected something in return for his many gifts( he knows the poor housewife ain't working) and was touched to bits! A lone tear slid down his cheeks during dinner... :D heh I love to make men cry!

Anyway, before that, I took a cabbie down to Alan's office to meet him for dinner. I was fretting in the cab as the Malay taxi-driver kept looking back. I KNEW I shouldn't have worn a short dress ;p Anyway, I also couldn't see the meter from where I was seated and worried again that I would be kertoked/ kidnapped/ robbed etc etc... I have my reasons, guys. Not getting paranoid for nothing. ahhaha. But that's a different story.

Alan and Nicky were waiting for me downstairs when I arrived safely at their office. My bouncers! I was then presented a bouquet of 12 HUGE and lovely reds. I like surprises! hahaha. Since the hubbie had already bought me a coveted u-robic and golf shoes from adidas and golf attire from ashworth, I was extremely surprised at the continual generosity. Am not complaining, mind you!

We zipped off to Starhill Gallery, near Rohas Perkasa (office). We were booked for a buffet dinner from 5-7pm at this restaurant called Jagora. Fusion cuisine was served and we were amazed at the wide spread. good recommendation, Robin! I had 4 different steaming hot soups, sashimi, cod fish, tiger prawns etc etc.. and baskin robins / hagen daas / gelato was served for dessert. haahhaa. Of course the dieting plans were disregarded tonite. :p

Deciding it was too early to return home, we favoured watching CJ7 after dinner. We left for Mid Valley SC and queued and queued (more than half an hour) for the 9pm tickets for two. MY fault, I confess. I had though Malaysians knew better than to celebrate Vdae in the cinemas. Oh well....Thankfully, the show was not a let-down like Meet the Spartans. It was both funny and touching, a rare combination for Stephen Chow. Although the comic relief was not as side-splitting as Stephen Chow's previous flicks, the little green alien-doggie thing was cute to the MAX! The alien bears a great resemblance to Jay Jay, I must say.hahahahha. No spoilers here (I am a responsible and considerate blogger hahaa), please go watch!

Home Sweet Home. An interesting reflection of celebrating Vdae in Malaysia for the first time in my life - VERY FEW ladies were carrying / showing off bouquets of flowers in public. Weird. There were perhaps less than 10 bouquets that I could count throughout the night out. Ha in S'pore every Sarah, Mary, Ah Lian would be seeing comparing each other's plucked gardens to see who has a more bountiful supply, equating it to their other half's undying love for them. I doubt I would EVER wanna be a florist in Malaysia when I grow up. hahhaa.

p/s: Something special happened today. An Indian resident in Sri Tiara called me up and responded to my advertisement as a tuition teacher. ahhahaha. I will be meeting her up to discuss further. She has a son and a daughter. :D A job at last!!!!

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