Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jalan Alor and A Scary Movie

Hello folks. It's almost 11pm but the night is still young - especially since its a Saturday night. hahaa. I love weekends cos I have my baby around me most of the time. Only today, he went to play golf with some business associates early in the morning.

Today I occupied my time with feeding my Sugar Puff and watching Cinderella Man. Very good show. ALmost brought tears to my eyes..How much a man would sacrifise for his children and wife. *weep* ahhaha.

We just came back home from Jalan Alor where we had a great dinner (we're getting sick of home-cooked food) of steamed pomfret, satay, butter prawns,sambal kangkong all for RM60! How touching! I disregarded my diet for tonight ( and highly likely tomorrow as well) but hey, I've been eating healthy food for almost a week now! ;p

Alright, we are going to watch some scary movie on DVD now and eat our succulent green grapes we bought from Alor. Such is the life... I seriously cannot imagine spending my weekends marking and preparing for class...How did I get thru my 6 years in MOE? ;p

tata for now folks... love.

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