Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Awal Muharam (Thursday was a Public Holiday!)

Good afternoon folks! As of 12noon today, I have finally stopped living outta my suitcase. haahha. This bag of lazybones has finally sorted things out and strewn all my clothes n whatnot into the ample storage space provided by our apartment. I am so amazed, till today, at the number of drawers and cupboards and cupboards containing drawers that are all available to me. No More Clutter, I Solemnly Swear! Hahaha.

It's a very gloomy Friday (TGIF?) and I'm alone at home (what's new?). Washing more clothes today and gonna bathe the doggie when the weather gets a lil' better. Yesterday, we slept in till 10+am. Astonishing as on a normal day, Jay Jay's growling stomach would have prompted him to commence his morning soprano by 8+am. We hit Mid Valley Mega Mall again , this time to upgrade the new ambisound home theatre system we had bought a couple of days ago.

Brunch was a sinful Burger King set meal for Alan and I tried guiltily to minimise the calories by just having the single Mushroom Swiss. Hmmm..I must say that the standard of BK has surpassed Spore's. (Of cos my sampl size is only Mushroom Swiss - I don't eat anything else at BK, even in SIN.) The mushroom didn't hv that plasticky taste that is oh-so-common in SIN.

We wanted to catch a movie (we havent tried the cinema here) but the snaking queue deterred us almost immediately. (I miss KLCC) so we walked around and ran some errands. We bought Jay Jay another waterbottle as his is leaking , at Pet Wonderland (not v big, not v wonderful) and also ventured to the new mall next door, The Gardens.

The Gardens is very much like KLCC, only smaller. It contains high-class boutiques and a Robinsons. We scouted around for Art Friend - as you would guess, it's an arts and craft shop (we hv one in Taka SIN as well) -but its collection of stuff was dismal. I had half-decided to create a Welcome Sign for our new home until I realized I had to buy more stationery (paints, letters etc). I guess I shall stick to clay figurines for now. ahhaha.

Then we opted for an earl grey and a cafe latte at St. Cinnamon and shared a walnut cinnamon bun to rest our tired feet. Even so, we were still exhausted from the mindless shopping and decided to head home for a rest before hitting the driving range at Alan's c'try club.

Of course, the 'rest' turned into a longer nap than expected and because Alan wasn't feeling v well too, we decided not to leave our house and started cooking dinner at around 730pm to eat to live.

Ok ok , I confess that The GM is a better cook than The Housewife cum Maid. So I left the frying of the BitterGourd with Egg and the Dark Sauce Ginger Chicken to him and started laying the table. Dinner was served by 845pm... *smack lips*
Pic A -"Dong Dong Chiang"
Pic B -The dancing lions were 'feeding' the people mandarin oranges, possibly symbolising good luck?
Pic C - A big-eyed boy we met whilst having our afternoon tea.

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