Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Foaming underwear

It's the wee hours on a Wednesday morning and Alan and I are both online. Hhahaha But not chatting with each other unlike how we previously used to when we first got to know each other. The clock is ticking and he is dog-tired but he just loves to maximise his nights ;) Anyone who can guess what he is surfing for wins an all-expense trip for two to the sunny concrete jungle of KL! Clue: It has something to do with the new home theatre system we bought.

It's been 3 days since we've moved into our new haven and we are loving every minute of it. Alan hasn't much time to lounge in our home though as he's always out at work and we have been shopping for house stuff e'day since Sunday.

However Thursday is a public holiday (M'sia has 19 vs S'pore's 13? hahaha eat your hearts out, guys!) and we vow to stay in to enjoy and relax in our new nest :) and create more clay figurines. We are gonna graduate into human figurines -lifelike ones- instead of adding to the many generations of bearbears. hahaha.

Spent quite a bomb over the past few days buying a wide variety of items - e.g. a doggie bag to carry Jay Jay around in, muffin baking pans, some frames to develop and hang up our nicer wedding pics on the numerous walls in our apartment and tonnes of groceries to get us (me mainly) going thru' the days and nights. I even spent Rm9.90 on a small little clay angel (the size of yr handphone accessory) - Handmade in Korea but easily made and modified in KL, Seri Tiara hahaha. I am simply amazed by my competence in handicraft. ;p

I will start blogging regularly again as Robin has kindly loaned me his lappie and this housewife is connected once again! Sure beats staring at the google box the whole day! Well, at least MONK, my fav show, was on Starworld today. Our new ambisound home theatre system will arrive only end of the month though.

12:48 9 Jan 2008 (Wed)

I'm starting to learn how to use the provided washing machine and getting increasingly frustrated. Apparently each load needs to be very small if not the blardie thing can't even conjure up enough energy to spin. My god! *rolls eyes to the heavens* Now I will have to do washing EVERYDAY??!!?? You've got to be kidding. There are better things to do in life than to watch your foaming undies go round and round, round and round.

It's Wednesday afternoon and I have yet to unpack our suitcases. Maybe I should get cracking now that the safe has just been brought to our room? Ok, I shall summon all reserves of enthusiasm to accomplish this task now................

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