Sunday, February 7, 2010


Today started out well. We bathed the babe and then left the house for some delicious hawker fare at Bangsar Lucky Garden's coffeeshop.

Alan and I had our coveted fish paste, bar chor noodles. I had mine soupy as I was feeling a tad under the weather. Alan had his dry ones as usual. Then, we picked up our pork (we had ordered prior to our bf) and went into TMC.

We made a beeline to the diaper section as our little one was running outta MamyPoko. And YES, it was on sale again. ahhaha. The simple pleasures in life :P Then, we bought a few more non-essential items and joined the queue to pay for them.

Back at home, Alan started spray painting the body shell of KK's birthday present and I busied myself with entertaining Master Ethan Tan. En left again for the pasar malum (she has inherited this duty from us) with her best friend and came back around 6+pm and proceeded to cook us our dinner.

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