Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our New Neighbours!

Something special is happening in our garden!!! A few weeks ago, we spotted Mr and Mrs Bird flying in and out of our bonsai plant in our garden. Sometimes , we spied them carrying bits of string / dead leaves / twigs etc. They were building a nest!

So Alan and I peeped in once and we saw some odds and ends but nothing that resembled a nest. That was in mid January. However, we were pleasantly surprised, when we peered into the bush again 3 days ago. The nest had TOP-ed!!!

Then, yesterday, we sneakily spread the leaves of the bush and there they were- two cute little white eggs, as if dotted with black ink. Mrs Bird had given birth!!

Horrors of horrors though - I saw a chipmunk pop into the other bonsai plant next to the Bird condominium and shake the bush as if he had just popped an ecstacy pill! I hurriedly shooed him away (with Mr Bird watching appreciatively in the tree nearby), worried for the safety of the eggs and the would-be "birdlings" (is there such a word??)

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