Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some rambling

I am FINALLY starting on a book - the modern day classic "The Alchemist", after years of inactivity. Just the other day, I roamed into MPH (because it was having a great sale) and found myself just restricting myself to books for the kiddos. My goodness. Sad, but true! I vow to read more and educate myself more whilst I am still in KL and have the time.

However, admittedly, taking care of Ethan does take up most of my waking (and semi-awake) hours. I try now to develop him in all aspects. Let's see... there's TUMMY time which he is placed on his belly and tries hard to flip frustratedly...there's Reading Storybook time..he is exposed to different types of books - books that have accompanying sounds/ flap-up books/ pull-out books/ touch-touch books etc..All his books are very vibrantly coloured. Then, there is also Music time. Little Ethan does enjoy his musical toolbench (Fisherprice) very much and sings along with the music and kicks his legs. hahaha. Ethan hardly enjoys watching TV though, and is certainly not enthused by his Baby IQ disc. His attention span is still very, very short for now.
Most of the time, it's now Drooling and Biting Time.

Think Ethan's teething and hence the drool. Also, his has cultivated a bad habit of sticking out his tongue. Just discovered this yesterday. :P literally! He also enjoys playing with his saliva and sucking on his digits. Ahhh.. The mountains of used tissue paper we had to throw away!

This weekend, PARKSON is having a kiddo sale. Sad to say, the Lamaze Space Symphony play gym we purchased a couple of weeks ago online is going at a song from 12march till 23 march at a couple of Parkson outlets. *big sigh* Anyway, we will head on down and pick up some necessities and some wants. hahaha.

I love buying clothes for Ethan. I know it's an extravagant hobby because he will outgrow them in no time. But seeing cute lil' baju for kiddos makes me SMILE :D ok he's woken up..tata

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