Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ethan @ Pantai Medical Centre

Good morning folks! It's a lovely Tuesday morning. ;) Today, Ethan's due for his second jab and this time we will be going to Doctor Yong Sin Chuen at Pantai Medical Centre. I'm a little jittery about the jab part but in anticipation of a new (and good - he came highly recommended on the expat forum) doctor. I also can't wait to get Ethan measured. It's been a long two months since the last time he was weighed and measured for length. hahaha You know (if you don't already), Moms always measure their success at parenthood of their newborns by their baby's weight and length. ahahhaha. Soon it will be the number of As they are getting in their report cards and the number of instruments they play and have mastered musically etc.. :P *sigh* Hence begins the mindless and completely meaningless race.

I will drop updates later (for the excited grannie to read). Tata for now.


Ethan's fast asleep from all the trauma. He hardly slept the whole day (although he woke up late at 10am this morning). We went to Pantai for our appointment with Dr Yong at 230pm. Unlike the Gleneagles doc, we did not have to wait very long (thank goodness~). After registering for Ethan as a new patient, we waited outside Dr Yong's clinic.

A nurse came to take Ethan's weight (6.02kg) and length (63.5cm) and then we waited outside the clinic again.

Doc Yong stood up to greet both Alan and myself and shook our hands sincerely. Immediately he put us at ease. He was also tremendously gentle with Ethan and very warm and caring. He proceeded to ask us for updates of Ethan's first 4 months on earth and was very detailed in his questioning and note-taking. He asked us developmental milestones of Ethan's, such as grasping of things / putting things into his mouth / flipping over etc etc. He was also concerned when we told him about Ethan's jaundice previously.

Then, he gave Ethan a general look-over and pronounced him healthy and well :) Although Ethan is still on the slightly small side, he reassured us that everything was normal and fine. :) After giving Ethan the oral drops for the Rotarvirus, I braced myself for the jab. It was over in no time. Ethan didn't even have time to react - I think he gave a short 3sec maximum cry and then it was over. hahaha. :) Brave Mummy did not even shed a tear this time~!

The Doc's clinic was plastered with lotsa big wall stickers and Ethan was tremendously entertained by the lion / tiger / elephant, giggling and exclaiming loudly to himself everytime I carried him near the stickers. hahaha Doc Yong was amused as well. hehehe.

Ethan's third vaccination jab is slated for 26th April 2010. :)

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Anonymous said...

Sharon, can I ask for yr feedback on dr yong? Is he really really good?as in give good advice, thorough, listen etc? I'm moving back to homeland, kl soon, and has been searching for good doc for my babies like crazy :)

Mommy mas