Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our New House_clap clap

Wednesday 1 July 2009

We met May Peng, the previous owner of our house at 10am to change the payee name of the electricity and water bills. The two HQ were not housed under one roof and we had to drive all the way to Jalan Kepong for the electricity one. ;P

After that, we were brought to lunch in Bangsar, Lucky Gardens. May Peng introduced us to her favourite Da Chow haunt, Restoran Chef Low. We had three dishes - prawn, vege and fish fillet and the bill came up to be RM 99.45! AMAZING! Alan also fainted when he picked up the tab. The food wasn't even fresh to begin with, and we were served sour home-made barley. :P

At 130pm, we made our way to our new house and there May Peng showed us the circuit boxes and etc and passed us the bunches of keys / remote control for the auto gate etc. It was sooooooooo hot and the aircon was not cooling to say the least. We sweated it out whilst waiting for Vivian, our ID to come and do her final inspections. She has promised that the contractors can start work on Friday and we will be able to move in before the start of the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival which commences on 20th August this year.

I reached home at 5pm and slept tiredly till 7pm before Alan picked me up for dinner at Robson's.

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