Friday, April 3, 2009

Shunjuku Incident @ KL

After pining for many moons, I finally got to watch the above movie last night.

Alan picked me up and we headed to the food court first for dinner. My thai food didn't disappoint, as usual but Alan's Aglio Olio was dismal in terms of portion. So after polishing off that small plate, he headed to the Teppanyaki stall and ordered a salmon and beef combo hahaha.

Shunjunku Incident started off rather well but slowly tapered into one of Jackie Chan's more boring work. I felt it sorely lacked action and impact and Daniel Wu *sigh* didn't save the show with his weird hairdos. ;p It lasted a long 2 hours though - enough to make up for us paying for extremely expensive seats at The Gardens.

After reading a newspaper article, I also found out that Jackie chan's naked scene (in the hot bath) and bed scene had also been cut. haha not that it mattered though.

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