Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is once again that I am in my prison cell and writing to you. This cell has been stocked with huge boxes lining the doorway and is in a great state of disarray. I can only hope that I can move ASAP but then again, what I would be looking forward too would be 700sq feet of housing less for the next few months. haiiii.. All for a good cause, you say?

I've just finished class with Hayden during which we constructed a project on our own accord (read: on his mother's accord) to hand in to the teacher for Show-n-Tell in the classroom. Waiting for my next and last class of the day from 6-8pm. Another kiasu mum will call me in a few mintures to enquire about her daughter's progress in tuition classes. *sigh* MM (not = to Mentor Minister) - go figure!

The boredom has sunk in again after my very fulfilling long weekend in Singapore. I have an entire day free of classes tomorrow and I think I will go gallavanting in mid valley mega mall.

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