Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our journey back.

Monday 9 March 2009

We went to the nearby hardware store to buy some bubble wrap and then drove all the way to Old Airport Road hawker centre for brunch. Both of us had tasty lormee because the hokkien mee stall wasn't ready for business. I also couldn't find a pohpiah stall to satisfy my cravings. SHUCKS!

After packing the car, we finally started our journey back to our second home at 2pm. Due to the rain and an accident or two, it was a long, long drive back and the husband almost fell asleep a couple of times. So the wife had to stay awake and chat mindlessly with him. We finally arrive at Sri tiara , all spent, at a few minutes before 6pm.

Dinner was near Dog Groomz where we had deposited the dogs. The signboard had read oriental thai food. My egg horfun was bland and unexciting and Alan's thai pineapple rice was too yellow and tasted too much of tumeric. Our egg fu yong was also unappetising.

Jay Jay went a bit crazy when he first saw us and then he raced around the shop marking his territory. Coco had some wet stools but also did his business twice in the shop before we left for home. He had put on SOME MORE weight since the last time we had seen him and I made a mental note to put him on a strict diet to prevent obesity and hyper tension. hahaaha

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