Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our First House Party

Yesterday, 19 September 2009 was a real hectic day for us all.

Alan and I slept in till almost 11am and then hurriedly left the house to shop for fresh food and groceries for the party that evening. First, we headed over to the promising wet market to pick up some fresh prawns for our Seafood Aglio Olio and then we bought 7 slices of tender pork chops for Alan's creation.

After our pork porridge breakfast, we returned home to throw the food in the fridge and then ventured to TMC to pick up MORE foodstuff. I was i/c of making creamy mushroom soup and the salad that evening and I also had to bake the doggies a birthday cake.

Again, we spent RM300+ in TMC (we are fast turning out to be their biggest spenders) and then zoomed back at around 2pm to start the cooking mania. I started by baking the Almond and Banana Cinnamon Cake for all the doggies. That took a while and after the blending, mixing, baking and cooling, I creamed the top facade and then Alan sprinkled some icing sugar on it. Oooolalaaaaaa.

Next came the mushroom soup. I used shitake and portobello mushrooms and some garlic and butter and very soon, a creamy and delicious soup was boiling on the stove.

Alan came in then to cook up a storm. His Seafood Aglio Olio had fresh herbs, prawns and squid and was just marvellous. So was the apple sauce and pork chops. What a spread.

By 7pm, our guests had arrived and they ooo-ed and awwww-ed at the house politely.
We had invited the Tan family (whose poodle, Chloe attends the same class as Coco) and also Yi Siong and Sheena - Coco's godparents, who brought along their Westie, Bizzy and their showdog poodle, Myra.

Then, we all tucked in. *yumz* For dessert, we served up fruits (strawberries / bananas) and marshmellows with a chocolate fondue fountain. Meiting had brought a home-baked butter cake to add to the spread :) Then, all gathered to sing Coco a birthday song to celebrate his first birthday belatedly. :D All 5 dogs gathered to enjoy the home-baked cake as well. They also went home with a doggie-bag made up of some of the cake and also a tub of milk cookies I had baked specially for them.

The 5 dogs went chasing one another around and we had a field day watching them.. hahaha That's entertainment for you. The humans bonded over chocolate fondue and chatted about their pooches. hahaha. Amazing, the party lasted till almost midnight! :O

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