Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our fantastic long weekend. YaY

20 September 2009 (Sunday)

Today started out in a daze as the dogs barked loudly last night till the wee hours of the morning because of the din of the fireworks due to the Hari Raya Celebrations. ;P

We woke up at 8+am and then left for doggie school for Coco's lesson. After that, we didn't even have the energy to have breakfast out and left for home immediately after class.

At home, we tucked into breakfast and then stoned for a while before showering and heading to Cres at The Gardens for our long-awaited facial. Heavenly. Both Alan and I relished the two hour nap and treatment.

We had something light to eat ( toasted sesame seed bread and charcoal bread with pandan kaya and taro) , bought three curry puffs for sup and then went back home to continue watching dvds. ;) We treated En to Canadian Pizza and spicy chicken drumlets for Hari Raya. :D

21 September 2009 (MondaY)

A full day of shopping was on our minds. We chose Sunway Pyramid - a huge shopping mall which is visited by many Sporeans on vacation regularly. So after breakfast of curry puffs and leftover pizza, Alan and I showered and left for SP.

We had many things (mainly baby stuff) to buy and therefore made a beeline for the LG1 which house many a store catering to babies and toddlers. However, along the way, Walk In, a shoe shop waylaid us and I bought shoes for casual wear and also for Sharon's wedding and Alan bought two pairs of business shoes (because they were cheap). ahahaa

We picked up many items (including bath mats, pacifier keeper, cotton balls, cloth nappies etc etc) from three different shops and then headed to the basement for food because it was late and we were starving.

We had ramen in a halal shop and it actually tasted good. Satiated, we continued walking.

I bought some wall stickers for Ethan's room happily for RM32. We will put them up when the minor rennovation work in his bedroom is over and done with. We also picked out some essentials at Watson's etc.

After having a drink at Berry Smoothies, we decided to have a less sinful dinner at home. By the time we got home, the fried beehoon meal was prepared and we ate it up dutifully and then settled down to watch dvds again!

22 September 2009 (Tuesday)

Unlike Singapore, Malaysia , being a Muslim country has another day of public holiday in celebration of Hari Raya. (YAY) We woke up early (relatively) today at 9am and then headed out to enjoy a nutritious breakfast of fishhead beehoon soup. Yumz.

Next stop: The Gardens and Mid Valley Mega Mall. We bought tickets for Tsunami (a Korean movie) at 1245pm and had an hour to burn before the show. We checked out items at Toys 'R US and also single seater sofas with reclining qualities. Alan had initally wanted to purchase a two seater movie reclining sofa but I had persuaded him otherwise.

After the traumatising movie, we went to Ace Hardware to buy leather furniture cream and to Toy City to pick up a set of alphabet play mats to decorate Ethan's room. Also, we hopped into MPH to buy some other stuff. It was soon icecream time and I chose Mac Donald's one ringgit icecream cone and Alan had his strawberry milkshake.

Then, we headed to Lorenzo at Seputeh to choose our single seater recliner. We settled on one going for a steal at RM1592 but it only can be delivered at the end of October.

Home Sweet Home.

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