Saturday, February 7, 2009

My feet are KILLING me

woahhhh.. It has been a hectic day...

We left the house at 10+am to view a house (let's just call it House #12) in Bangsar. It left loads to be desired and I shall leave it at that.

We went to MVMM after that, at ard 11ish and had yong tau fu for breakfast before shopping in Ace Hardware for bbq stuff for tomorrow's bbq gathering.

Then, we headed to New York Skin Solution for our facial. We were kept awaiting for mroe than 1/2 half and my facial was a rushed job because we mentioned we had an appointment to keep at 230pm.

At 245pm, we hurriedly left the parlour and rushed down to Bangsar to meet Marie-Ann at House #94-1. We had labelled the house "Nice Nice House" for easy reference because the owner had done it up pretty nicely and it was for sale - lock,stock and barrel. The pictures had amplified the beauty of the house and we found it abit wanting when we saw it with our own eyes.

Marie-Ann took us to see another house nearby but that scared the shit outta me. Very eerie and creepy overgrown garden and weird interior. Needless to say, I was shaking my head even before we visited the topmost level.

Next, we met up with the owner and agent of House #71. It is a beautifully renovated house boosting 4200sq feet. hahaha Yes yes, you are going to ask me what on earth I'm going to do with all that space...But that's a Happy Problem. Anyway, this was the second time viewing this house and the owner, the contractor himself had wanted to explain to us all the furnishing etc details.

We like the place very much and there's one special feature (excluding the huge living room and masterbedroom with a huge walkin wardrobe space) - there's one level that can be convert to a classroom space. The build up layout is sooooooooooooo perfect for a whiteboard / projector screen/ tables and chairs. Once I had walked in, I immediately saw myself conducting medium-sized classes there during the day / night! hahahaha. Another money-making scheme!

Anyway, the whole housei s about 4 (or issit 5) storeys and has very beautifully done up renovation works. Almost in move-in condition. We just wanna do minor renov works and we can MOOOOVE. hahaha.

Although we are still looking, we are quite set on this house. Just need to calculate the finances now... One drawback though is that it faces directly a very busy highway and we therefore would not be able to open the windows at all to get some 'fresh' air because of the air / noise pollution.

At ard 5pm, we headed to another house in the same row whose owner was selling becos she was moving to a semi-D in Sajuana. Her house again disappointed us because of the old interior and run-down look.

Deciding to explore Bangsar area - which would be our new neighbourhood and playground in the near future, we had dinner there at Nando's. I can't remember whether Singapore has Nando's but it's somewhat like KennyRogers. We had skipped lunch so Alan and I each took 1/2 a chicken and 2 sides.

Then, we found a gem of a supermart. Very much like Singapore's Seng Siong. It's called TMC and it's right in the middle of the high-class expat area!!! Interestingy, you can see Beemers parked outside and AngMohs shopping happily inside, picking up their groceries etc for a steal..ahahhaha.

We bought all the dry stuff / drinks needed for our bbq tomorrow and then headed home to feed the famished dogs.

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