Friday, February 6, 2009

Househunting Woes

The past few days have been devoted to house-hunting. The week started with me having constant migraines and I kinda worried that I would be down with viral fever. I felt like how I was feeling when I had it in 2001. Anyway, the ickiness disspated and I am my normal self again. YaY

We have been combing the area in Bangsar -a residential upmarket expat area- for a nice little cosy house we can call Home. Have come across afew potential ones but still looking around. This is the first time I am house-hunting and the prospect of decorating my little haven with my loved one is indeed exciting. hahaha. Heck, we've even bought the paintings (in Bali) before the freaking house!!??!! Priorities, Sharon!

Anyway, tomorrow we have lined up a massive number of houses to inspect and we've slotted a facial at New York Skin Solutions in between. Afterwhich, we would have to zoom down to Mid Valley to pick up necessities for a bbq this Sunday.

We have invited the kids from the orphanage over for a massive meal. This treat has been promised to them since last year but we hadn't any opportunity to carry it out till Sunday. I am gonna whip up my pilaf rice (easiest to make) and some salads and then the meats will speak for themselves. hahaha. It will be another sinful affair. *sigh*

Then from Monday midnight onwards, my father and motherinlaw will be joining us in KL. All the way till Sunday! Oh man. I don't know on earth I'd be able to entertain them for such a long period of time! hahahha Massage? Facial? Feast? Movie? Suggestions pls! It's daddy's birthday on Tuesday so we will head down to unique seafood for a feast! I will probably bake him a cake on Monday (it's a public holiday again hor... groan on Singaporeans!!!) and surprise him. :D

Ok.. My tuition kid is late. Have to go now. Will update shortly. :D


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