Thursday, September 4, 2008

Catching Up

Nooooooo this blog entry is not about Age catching up with me- though I gripe about it every other day. It's about meeting my Auntie Florence and my cousin Eunice. I pushed away all my tuition appointments and arranged to meet them at 12noon at Pavilion Shopping Mall Coffee Bean.
I arrived early at 1145 and waited till around 1205- still no sight of them! Thankfully, my phone rang and I found out that they were waiting at ANOTHER coffeebean in Pavilion. It was an outlet I didn't know existed (becos it was so new)! I rushed over, and they confessed that they had just had a heavy brunch and therefore couldn't stomach anymore food. We decided to have coffee then, at - you've guessed it- COFFEEBEAN!

We all had hot tea and a muffin each and proceeded to catch up. We all is/are/was/were teachers in Singapore under MOE and therefore griping about the hot topic," The Life Teachers Lead" was on the cards. Since my dear cousin is still bonded, there's little she can do but wait it out. Don't worry MORE DOORS will open SOON!

As they were slated back in Westin by 230, they left and I decided to roam the mall. My first buy was a facial from New York Skin Solutions which I paid Rm38 for. Apparently the facial + 1 set of facial products + a skin analysis session (altoge 3hrs) was going for a song. So, I bought one for me and one for you (yes The Laogong). Wah got free umbrella somemore! DuH

Then, I told Shireen that I was not joining her for a hair wash n blow and decided to shop somemore and then catch a movie (Deception). I bought a pair of walking sandals at Stadium and did some window-shopping.

The movie was pretty predictable but Hugh Jackman was quite delicious in his $4ooo-suits. I thought the babe looked kinda old and weird and she had a fair bit of wrinkle lines. OMYTIAN! After the movie, around 445pm, I proceeded to the taxi stand and a Malay taxi-driver haggled his way into driving me back home for RM20!

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