Wednesday, March 12, 2008

PS3 I Love YOU!

10 March 2008 (Monday)

After sleeping off the aftereffects of the trecherous journey back home the night before, I proceeded to bum around the house all of today. Did some light housework and convinced myself that my body needed a rest from all that bumpy suffering - yes, all 5.5hrs of it.

We went to fetch Jay Jay at Robin's in the evening after Alan knocked off. He's knocking off later and later and I can truly see his business taking off! I'm P-R-O-U-D of you my dear! :) (Now can I have more allowance please? hahahah)

We picked Robin up after a long drive to Kepong and he brought us to this eatery along the roadside which served up delicious Hong Kong cuisine. We shared (big) prawn noodle soup, Jar jiang noodles, some fried dimsum and also mango with iced shavings and honeydew with white fungus. The dinner was, as Jean would put it, AWESOME, especially since both Alan and I had skipped lunch. ;p

11 March 2008

I did some clay figurines today in anticipation of selling them and got hooked on the series HOUSE. It's about a truly BITCHY doctor who dishes out wisecracks faster than you can say "Tang's is on SALE!" and how he terkans his subordinates and screws with their psyche. hahaha Very flavourful. I like!

Then it was off to tuition to make that miserable RM50.

Subsequently, I took a cab to Rohas Perkasa and was stuck in the jam for an hour. My God! I almost wanted to get down and WALK! the office was SO NEAR yet SO FAR!!!! I felt like tearing my hair out. Thankfully, the cab driver was a nice fella who didn't give me the creeps. I commented that his English was good and he told me that he had worked in the Hotel Industry before as a BARTENDER! hahahaha He also confessed that he always went home drunk in those days. hahahaha btw, HE IS MALAY. *claps*

When I finally reached Alan's office, I was ushered into his new room. Ahhhhh Very nice darling! It has a view of the KL Tower as well. Very befitting.

Our next destination was Sungei Wang and we got there admist the traffic jam again. (I could feel myself ageing as the car crawled along..) We collect the PS3 which had been sent for SIX MONTHS for repair. Apparently, it had to be sent back to Hong kong for repair..dont' ask me why. Nothing makes sense around here!

Then we headed to our fav stall in Jalan Alor for dinner. My Jar Jiang noodles disappointed me thoroughly but Alan's penang laksa provided him maximium satisfaction once again. haahha. Then we tried to buy stuff from Alan's BEST Friend, but what we wanted was not available. Oh well...

We shot to a new hairdressing salon called Michael Ling in Sungei Wang after that. The salon''s window displayed many photographs of HK celebrities like Tong Leung , Andy Lau etc. And we dashed it to get our hair cuts. I just wanted a trim but ended up treating my hair too after much cajoling from the lady who washed my hair for me. The bill? A mere RM80 for my hair and RM50 for Alan's (peanuts compared to the one we always pay for at Mid Valley!)

Then it was home to connect and play LOST on the PS3!

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