Thursday, March 13, 2008

A friend from Uruguay!

12 march 2008 (Wednesday)

I made a friend today. His name is Fernando. Hahaha. He's one of the managers of a theatre and drama group that is touring the world. Their last stop was Singapore! He's from Uruguay! Cool! I'm sure most of us don't know anyone from Uruguay! Hhahaha.
Anyway, we shared a shuttle bus together down to MVMM and I found out that the managers from the troupe are all residing at Sri Tiara and that their troupe will be performing at Bangsar Shopping centre till 22 march!

After forming making that aquaintance, I ventured into the mall and walked around. Most of the shops were on SALE (again) and I bought a nice top at Island Shop for 50% off! After the discount and the conversion, I paid only around SGD$12!ahhaha. Oh yah, the conversion rate is getting real good nowadays. SGD$1 can fetch RM2.30!

Then I went into MPH and bought two more books to aid me in teaching Conversational English. The prospect of teaching adults is very interesting and I am confident I will enjoy it.

I went to the dry-cleaner's next and dropped Alan's stained tie off. The dry-cleaning of that tie cost only RM3.50! And winter jackets and business suits cost only RM9.50!!! Wo de Tian Ah! Mummy, remember how much we used to pay to dry-clean our winter jackets after use?? Never again!!!!

Next, after a (too) Crispy Pohpiah lunch, I went to JUSCO to pick up groceries. This shopping expedition was long over due as I had been eating bread and bread and more bread over the past few days. And this time round, with time on my hands, I leisurely browsed and stocked up my larder.

The bags were heavy (RM62 worth) + It was drizzling (my 2 excuses to take a cab home)

Then I spent the next 2.5hrs in front of the google box trying to outwit some dark smoke in the jungle and a monster in the cave.

Alan finally called at 745pm to announce his arrival at the lobby downstairs. I trotted down and we abolished the idea of eating at the same steamed fish/ bakuteh restaurant we always dined at . Instead, we tried Yan Yan Seafood Restaurant and ordered the world's healthiest dinner.

A big steamed pomfret, a dish of kailan and bittergourd with egg soup. Of course, we couldn't resist the dimsum as well. All for a mere RM90+. It's a good life!

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