Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday at Sunway and my Cheap Labour in KL

17 February 2008 (Sunday)

We woke up late and had a luxurious breakfast, intending to skip lunch.

We left for Sunway Pyramid at around 4+pm. Alan needed some winter wear for our Hong Kong trip and thus we headed for Raoul which was having 50% off on certain selections! Beat that, Gary! hahaha!!! *clap clap clap* He bought 2 business shirts and 2 sweaters there for a steal!

Then, starving, we headed for a Vietnamese restaurant to settle dinner. I had beef congee and Alan had his usual beef phoa. We also shared a starter platter which was meant for 3-4pax! hahaha.Nevermind, we have been on the uRobic! *grins*

I quelled the urge too shop by visiting the arcade. we indulged 10RM in teenaged games and I realised my driving skills left much to be desired. heh. We decided to head home early to keep Jay Jay company.

When we arrived home, we surveyed the carnage in horror. The whole carpet was littered with torn toilet roll - we leave the dog out nowadays and hope and pray he doesn't do too much damage. It was as though it had snowed the whole evening we were out. After getting on our hands and feet and picking up the debris, we threw Jay Jay back into his cage to seek atonement for his sins.

We proceeded to watch a sexy and romantic movie starring jessica alba and dane cook about a man who was hexed and that all the women he had been with would find their dream partner and get married to the next guy they dated. This movie's not showing and will not be showing in Malaysia and I think S'pore too. Intrigued? *grins*

18 February 2008 (Monday)

I've got the job! Tuition downstairs with the Indian family. But probably only the daughter as the mum thinks my fees are too expensive. haahaha. Guess what, folks? No S'pore teacher would ever wanna teach tuition for a living here. I could make SGD60/hr in S'pore and now it's RM50/hr! Yikes! Oh well...just to pass time, I guess. *yawns*

Anyway, Louisa, who works at management office just came with the gardener to collect my pots of flowers to be watered daily whilst we are away in HK. and SHE also indicated interest in getting tutored for English under me. I think it's fate that I took English as a degree in NUS. At least I won't starve in Malaysia. hahaha.

Oh well, I gtg pack for our long trip to HK. We will leave tomorrow evening 550pm flight and be back Sunday afternoon. I've never been to HK for such a long period before. And Alan will be unavailable on some occasions so I shall have to venture alone into the wonderful world of bags, shoes and assessories myself!

carpe diem!!! Will update my blog when I get back ~~

p/s: it's 1130pm and I am updating my blog before i hit the bed. Had tuition with Anviksha today and she's quite lovely to teach. her mum also told me that her friend who lives on the same level as I do in Sri Tiara is also interested in having English classes. For spoken English. Ahhhh.. more potential clients. I like!

Went winter wear shopping at Mid Valley immediately after tuition just now and spent 4 times what I earned in an hour today. ahhaha. O well. Bought a turtle-neck, a sweater and also a long woollen trench coat thingie. Very chic!

Alan met me for dinner at Burger King and we were also amazed at the strength of the SGD agst the HKD. :)~~

We then sent Jay Jay to dog-sitter Robin's house again. For the 4th time already!!! Sad

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