Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Lazy Saturday

It was a lazy Saturday. We woke up late at approximately 11am and then proceeded to lounge around the house somemore. I cooked us a mean meal of sphagetti and then it was DVD time. We finished watching War of the Worlds, which we started the previous day when all the guests were in the house. And when that was over, it was the chinese movie "Jiang4 Tou2". There was alot of gore and blood. xp

I went down to the potential tuition client's unit to chit chat with her and her son and daughter. I was amazed at how little tuition teachers make it Malaysia. How to survive like that??

Dinner was at Old Jalan Klang Lama (road) where we had dined previously with Nicky, Robin and his friend from the radio station. We had Bakut Teh, Intestines (I was reminded of the movie) and also a steamed fish otak. yum.

Then we wasted an hour or so on Mr Bean on Holiday. bleah.

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