Saturday, January 5, 2008

Our last Weekend in Lanson

hello dearies...

How is 2008 treating all of you?? For all my ex-colleagues, here's an extra HUG and PAT ON THE BACK for getting back into the swing of things :) So who has gotten which form class and how's the marking load quota this year?? My deepest sympathies! I can be bribed to help you with your marking hahaha. Kava do I hear you screeching, YES YES YES??? hahhaha

We will be moving to our new apartment tomorrow from 11am onwards. Abit numb though and have not much feeling... Have been moving house ever since I've met Alan (less than 2years ago). Moved from Siglap to Paya Lebar, From Paya Lebar back to Siglap. From Siglap to Lanson, KL and now from Lanson, KL to Seri Tiara, KL. haiii... What a nomadic lifestyle!! I might as well not unpack and live outta boxes, you might think. ;p

Anyway, we're going to meet a family friend today at Pavilion, in an hour and a half. (better get gg soon). and gg to catch Alien Vs Predator for more naked bodies. (Men and their fixations...)

For those who have intelligently guessed, I have also been busy over the past week, with my hands. ;) Have been caressing, kneading and rubbing clay into many different shapes and sizes. hhahaha.. The Husband became The Teacher and showed me FINALLY how to shape the clay properly into figurines and now my BearsBears (I am pleased to announce) do NOT look 2-D anymore! hahaha. Will post some pictures of my produce in a while. hahaha. *proud*

Jay Jay also got his 2nd jab yesterday and was screeching at the vet. We also took him to inspect our new apartment yesterday and he marked his favourite room ( the masterbedroom - he has class) with a part of him.

Ok ok , the Husband is nagging at me to shower so that we can leave.

Take care all and rest well from the First Week of School. :D Will email all of you my new address so that you can send me birthday and new year cards ahh. hahahaha.


1038pm- Back Home

The clothes are spinning in the dryer and the donuts are churning in the stomachs. ahahaha. Today we found out what the hype for J.Co Donuts at Pavilion was all about. We queued for around 15minutes and purchased 2 dozen donuts for RM35.1 box of six for Uncle Jimmy, another box for his staff in Chinatown Classics and a dozen for us and the Robin and Nick and the movers who will be helping us tomorrow. :) There were many flavours - Choco, cheese, green tea, strawberry, mint, almond etc etc..we were spoilt for choice!

After fulfilling our hearts' desire, we met Uncle Jimmy (my daddy's long time friend) for lunch at Dragon-I. Ramen, pork chops, jelly fish and cold pork, xiao long pao were on the cards. *burps* ok ok I promise to go on diet soon. We had a great time with Uncle, chatting about the ol' times.

Next, we went to catch Alien vs Predator 2. One word for it - BOrInG! xp I cringed and stirred in my seat as the lady seated next to me shuddered and jumped when the aliens burst through humans' heads and stomachs and splashing their gooey saliva all over the place.

Alright.. it's time to trudge to level 12 to claim our clothes and then shower and get ready for a long day tomorrow.

g'nite folks.

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