Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Hello all at home and wherever else you are...

just popping in to say Happy New Year! We watched the fireworks from our apartment last night. Very nice. Malaysians celebrate the new year as though fireworks cost 20c per boom. So many parts of KL were exploding in a celebratory fashion. Alan was, as usual, busy snapping shots of the fireworks...and Jay Jay was startled by the booming and started barking. I then carried him to the balconey and the whole family watched the beautiful fireworks and kissed each other Happy 2008! We then clinked our glasses filled with delicious red wine and dined on the creamy and sinful blueberry cheesecake from Secret Receipe - What a way to begin the new year, huh? ;)

Thanks for those who have messaged me and are still keeping me in your thoughts. It's nice to be remembered. :D Happy New Year babies! I miss you all (even though I have been back in KL for a matter of days). I can't wait to go back.. hahaha.

The worst is, I do not have laptop access (cos I honestly returned my tpc to school on my last trip back to SIN - got Honour Chop?!?) so I cannot update my blog frequently. But I shall cajole The Husband to lend me his on week nights and during weekends when I shall endeavour to muster up what shreds of will power I may possess to log on to update this blog.

On my last trip back, I was astounded (and very pleased) to find out that many of you are logging on faithfully to find out what is happening to this poor gal on the other side of the world (ok, ok I exaggerate). I promise to keep you updated faithfully when my HP lappie falls onto my lap when I next return to wo de xing jia por~

Till then, I shall endeavour to venture into the depths of the unknown and investigate as to what I can occupy my time with doing for the next two and a half years (if not longer ;p)
On the cards are business ventures for (XX and YY - keep it a secret now) and Literature.

I shall be moving house to Mid valley this Sunday (6 jan) and we haven't even packed~! So hold your mail for a little while until I update you on my new address.

Alright guys, I promise to update you on whatever is going on here in KL. And those who promised to visit... make sure you come~! Elaine and Alex and Wees, it's diving this March ya? Yay!! something to look forward to.. hahahaa.

Take care all and wipe those Monday Blues away (cos tomorrow's Wednesday!!!)


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