Wednesday, June 23, 2010

another trip back -eh sian boey???

This entry is aptly titled because my fatherinlaw was hospitalised after a minor op to remove a growth recently. Because of this sudden ailment, we drove back to Singapore to visit him, just a few days after touching down on KL soil from Melbourne.

10 June 2010 (Thursday)

Alan got off work and the three of us got into the car and endured the long journey back again. It was around 6+pm when we got to Tiong Bahru Plaza - I had to make a stop to pick up diapers and puree for Ethan. We also popped by Eu Yan San to buy Ah Ma and Daddy some tonics.

We got into the Volvo again and attempted to drive away and head for my inlaw's but the car was too heavy and Alan had parked too deep into the lot and the bumper got stuck with the concrete divider. My goodness. It took a while before my Iron Man (Alan lah) solved the issue. Of course, although the human traffic was heavy at the car park, no Singaporean stopped and offered to help. It was expected.

We headed finally to Ye Ye and Nai Nai's house. By then, it had turned dark and was after half past 8. We chatted and after dinner left for my mum's place.

11 June 2010 (Friday)

After fetching my mum from her office and marking the start of her retirement, we drove again to YeYe's house. After a simple lunch, Alan met with a contractor to settle some renovation stuff. In the evening, we went to Great World City to pick up some plates necessary for a photoshot the day after.

Dinner was at Ichiban. I wolfed down by cold soba and then whisked Ethan away and the both of us had a good time in the beautiful Baby Care Room in the shopping mall, a stone's throw away from the restaurant. :)

12 June 2010 (Saturday)

Alan had an appt in the morning so my mum, Ethan and I headed to Great World City ourselves in a taxi. We settled all our bank stuff by noon and then went back to YeYe's house to view the photoshoot.

Next, it was to Yvonne's Fernwood condo for a swim with Ethan's cousin, Tyler. :) This was Ethan's first time in the big pool and he actually enjoyed himself thoroughly. He also sat in Tyler's blown-up toy car and started munching on the wheel. haahhaha.

After our showers, we had a yummy dinner at Chat Masala's - Jean's treat with her first pay cheque! :) Thanks Sis!

13 June 2010 (Sunday)

It was almost 1pm when we reached Millennia Walk. We had wanted to park at Marina Sq but the CP was full. Anyway, since Harvey Norman was having a sale (GSS) and my mum was complaining that her TV was making weird noises, we bought her a new tv for the living room. Now she will not entertain the thought of absconding with the one in my room :P

At 2pm, we met Kala (OMG Kala was the only one on time for once), Elaine, Leo and Wan Hui for lunch and dessert at the Japanese restaurant next to Billy Bombers at Marina Square. Alan and I enjoyed our scallop ramen and creamy icecream with dumplings and red bean paste. After chitchatting and showing them our Melbourne pics, we bade e/o farewell and headed to the baby department. I wanted a Baby Sign Language DVD for Ethan. I had read in the forum that since he hasn't developed talking, it would greatly aid communication between him and I (etc) if he could pick up sign lang and sign whatever he wants to tell me. :)

We popped into Swensen's next to pick up an icecream cake for my MIL's bday and then zoomed to Tung Lok at ECP (where we were to have dinner) to store the cake in their freezer. After picking Jean and my mum from home, we met Alan's side of the family at Tung Lok.

After getting irritated (that's putting it mildly) with my MIL for feeding Ethan birdsnest although I had insisted NO, the dinner progressed smoothly on. *sigh* I was VERY PISSED OFF over that incident and had a sleepless night that night. She kept asking me if she could feed him whilst I kept saying "NO" because I was unsure and I hadn't done any research on babies eating birdsnest this early in their lives. This happened for about three times until I was so angry - you could see my face turning red. My totally unaware husband was happily ordering food and blissfully ignorant. :PPPPP

It is suffice to say that in the end, The MIL had her way. So one wonders, WHY THE FUCK you wanna ask me for MY PERMISSION??? ok enough. I don't wanna think about this incident any more. *blood boil* It's good to live away from Spore and just visit once in a while.

14 June 2010 (Monday)

Yes, FINALLY I can return to peaceful KL. Alan wanted to pick up a bag to house his camera so he deposited my mum (who was going to enjoy retirement for a while in KL), myself and Ethan at Raffles City whilst he headed to Peninsula Plaza. We met Ye Ye there and shopped in The Market Place to use the vouchers Alan had received last year.

I picked up some stuff for the house and also purees for Ethan - those dessert type and some biscuits. When Alan finally joined us, it was time for lunch and we had that in Mos Burger. After that, we sent Ye Ye home and then zoomed back to KL - Home, Sweet Home!

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