Tuesday, January 19, 2010

God Bless

I went for a swim alone this morning and boy do I feel good now. It's that nice body ache you get that makes you oh-so-relaxed. :) Did 25 laps today and also realised that even at 10+am, the sun isn't that sweltering and it's pretty suitable to exercise.

Recently, I've been receiving a few smses (to date 6) also from a friend in Malaysia - shall not name names. She has absolutely ZERO confidence in helping her son achieve good results at school and therefore has enlisted the help of MANY (I mean it) tuition teachers to help him, even though he is truly capable of getting good grades himself and even though he just turned 7. *roll eyes heavenwards*

Anyway, this friend of mine keeps smsing me and asking me to re-commence giving her son tuition. I politely declined around twice and today, another long, long sms came in, with her practically begging for classes. Apparently, the boy has a project coming in and she has zilch creativity and imagination, both of which are necessary for him to complete the project (and excel above his peers) - mind you, the teacher gives free rein to the child (parents) to interprete the topic and explore in depth the subject matter.

Apparently, this lady even approached another mother of my other ex-student. The child had completed the same project (they are from the same sch, different year) with me and had impressed the teacher with 'his' creativity and beautiful project presentation. So this lady wanted to borrow the project as a 'reference'. But you know what? hahaha Mother 2 did not allow that!! *my god*

Sigh. Such are the Singaporeans who are (A) Kiasu beyond words and (B) brought up not to think out of the box. For me, I embrace creativity and I like to think it comes naturally. I also enjoy Art and Craft and take pains in the presentation of any project. I am sure Ethan's teacher will be impressed (in due time of course)!! hahaha.

In the meanwhile, GOD BLESS U , MY FRIEND :P I'm taking my 4 months worth of maternity leave (because I am a SINGAPOREAN). MUAahahah

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