Sunday, December 6, 2009

Don't Jinx It!

Yesterday , whilst on the phone with my MIL, I replied her question that Ethan is "very guai, I can't complain" when she asked me how he was behaving. And true enough, that very night itself, everything went haywire.

Actually, it all started in the day time - the little rascal didn't get a good nap like he normally does. So he fell fast asleep at 8pm whilst I watched Kungfu Panda and Shrek the Third on HBO in peace. and then didn't wake up at his usual 1130pm time slot. After waiting and waiting, I decided to carry him upstairs at around 1215am.

He had a quick feed then and then went back to sleep. BUT, at 3+am, Ethan woke up. and was STARVING. He fed and fed and fed and wouldn't stop, even after vomitting milk a couple of times. Kept crying for MORE MORE , MUMMY MORE! Hence, I got a sprained neck (from climbing in and outta bed) and a sleepless night. It was only around 6+am did he decide that enough was enough and fall back into a deep sleep. OMG.
Both of us woke up at around 10+am and I just lay spreadeagle in bed without the energy to pull myself up. Until En knocked to say she was going to the market. Definitely NOT before helping me bathe Ethan!!