Friday, October 23, 2009

Little Prince Ethan's Nursery

With the nesting instincts naturally kicking in (high time!!) , I have devoted my past few days to doing up the Little Prince's room.

Before you enter the nursery, you will be welcomed by a friendly white door on which Ethan's name proudly is stuck, together with two cute little red hearts. :)

Ethan's cosy and magnificent Paddington 3-in-1 cot lies in the middle of the room, flanked by the blue wall. His sheets / comforter / bumper etc are from Aussino and they have been washed thoroughly. I have put up an unbreakable mirror in his cot so that he can entertain himself with his monkey faces when bored (and preferrably then choose to forget about screaming his lungs out). ;P

In Ethan's Sunny Play Corner, there are wall stickers and his name stuck on one of the walls and on the other, two posters (one ABC and one cutesy one of the human anatomy). Education is definitely gonna start early in THIS household. muahahaha. :P

On the floor of the sunny play corner lies the ABC cushy floor 'mat's. The adorable baby pictures have been removed from my room and stuck on Ethan's white cupboards and they really form very delectable decorations~ Especially since all the babies are angmoh. hahaha. Blue eyes and blond...ohhhh what's there not to like??

To the right of the door, Ethan's changing table has been put up and he will have his baths and his nappy changes there whilst he still can fit the table. Outside Ethan's toilet and inside his room, there's an ultraman floor mat (which I had bought so long ago, probably from BKK).

Now all it leaves is for Ethan to come H-O-M-E.

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