Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sniffles & A car of Many Hard Knocks

Sad to say, till today, the sniffles have not stopped. Amist my flu-y stupor, I had class with the twins yesterday and they polished off 8 of my Malaccan pineapple tarts (and asked for MORE)!!!!. ahahah. Darn I should have bought MORE! Nevermind, I will ask my fatherinlaw to supply more when I meet up with him in Muar at the end of this month. His are more delicious and fragnant, in my sincere opinion.

Yesterday, Alan met with ANOTHER car accident. He was reversing into the parking lot in his office when a small lil' dunno-what car hit his bumper. The driver then came down and blamed Alan for not looking at where he was driving. Crazy! He was already reversing into the lot! WTH!?

Anyway, as a result, we have concluded that the mighty Volvo is extremely durable and sturdy, like a tank. It is a car of many hard knocks but has escaped almost uninjured, sans scratches. Amazing, but true. I cannot say the same for the lil' car though. Apparently, according to Alan, the front of the car has been crumpled in. :O

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