Friday, March 27, 2009

A Day "At the Movies"!

HELLO AGAIN! I realised I have stopped blogging for a while.. Think it's because there is hardly anything interesting to update about. Life has officially reached stagnation. Just read Daniel Wu's blog. Oh yes, he has one. And his pretty galfriend, Lisa, too. Their lives are so much more interesting, jetting around the world. Oh well, how to compare? ;p

Yesterday, I practically spent the 3/4s of the day in front of the TV. My saga started with Stomp The Yard, as inspirational movie about a black kid trying to forget the past and reclaim his life and then Perfect Stranger followed and I watched Halle Berry seduce the almost bald Bruce Willis. After a short siesta , I decided to tune in to half an episode of CSI Miami and then hopped into the kitchen to cook dinner.

Pork Rib and prawn mee suar soup, steamed prawns and steamed pomfret were served promptly to the Starving Husband and then, after dinner, he proposed we watch a DVD - 10 Promises to My Dog.

It was a very touching and sad Japanese movie about how a girl, whilst growing up and faced with other commitments, gradually forgot her 10 promises she had made 10 years ago to her lil Golden Retriever. Awwwwwww

-spoiler- As the 10 year old dog curled up and waited for the now not so little girl's return home to die, tears started streaming down my cheeks. Sigh. I wonder if Ash feels the same sadness at him being neglected and abandoned? Ash watching TV with his dad.

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