Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Step Two to Buying a House: FENGSHUI

I wonder when I started becoming so superstitious -but I guess it can't be helped, having a businessman for a husband. I started reading some fengshui magazines by Lillian Too a week ago. Of course, I also flipped the ID ones but ID in Malaysia leaves much to be desired, I'm sorry to report. :P The ID here has many lines and patterns and the feel does not come off as classy chic but more like complicated confusion.
I don't think we need an ID person to come in but we still need to decide what style / theme we want to use. Balinese or Modern Contemporary? We like the woody-feel and the bright garden will accentuate a Balinese concept, if chosen.
Today, we are bringing in our Fengshui master ( a lady) to view the house and determine whether it's suitable for Alan and I. That's at 1230pm.

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