Thursday, February 19, 2009

fervent house-hunting continues

I've been sooooooooooo lazy to update my blog. It's been a week! Amazing, but TRUE.

Well, the past 1 week was spent fervently house-hunting. We saw a couple more houses and 1 which we lived quite a lot but the asking price and the bank's valuation don't match and it's no way we are going to cough up money to finance this house. Still looking around. We've got two to view tonight and two tomorrow. ahahha I think we are causing a frenzy in this very slow property market.This weekend, we intend to spend it at Mid Valley where a property fair will be held. We also have another facial appointment, this time at Cres from 2-4pm on Saturday. It's tiring but interesting to view houses and see how people have done them up.

I think I shall go and buy some home decor mags soon ...

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