Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy National Day Malaysia!

Because of the long weekend, Alan and I (and our maid En) could head back to Spore from KL. YaY YayY YayYyyY!

28th August 2009 (Friday)

After 2 tuition classes and frantic packing, we left our lovely home and headed to Dogroomz in Kuchai Lama to 'dump' the two lil' doggies. hahah. They are happy and very pampered there so we have no qualms leaving JCo there. :D

We commenced our drive at around 4pm and arrived in Spore in no time. We were supposed to meet Jean, Mum, Yvonne and Paul for dinner at Ambrosia at Arab Street. When Alan and I got seated finally after going round and round to look for a parking space, we saw disappointed faces all around. The food sucked- Jean was contemplating to have her 21st Birthday party there and to cater for all her friends but now the plans fell through because of the CMI food.

After a chicken wing and a miserable and cold kebab, Alan and I proposed that we have REAL FOOD somewhere nearby. Lavender FC was super packed and we thus proceeded to Katong Village where a 24hour HK Cafe had been erected. We ordered and ordered like no tomorrow (excuse - Ethan was starving) and Yvonne and I exchanged pregger-notes. My sis is due 2 weeks after me, if you didn't know it already. ahahhaa. Amazing, but true.

ANW, it we headed home straight after to rest our tired selves from the long drive back.

29 August 2009 (Saturday)

Alan and I tried to sleep in today but I only managed to hit 930am. There is immense contruction works going on just directly behind my apartment and the roar of the traffic (we live along the main road) doesn't lull me into a slumber anymore as we have been used to the peaceful serenity of Bangsar Baru. (Boy am I glad that I have decided not to do my confinement in Spore.) Alan slept in till 11am, tired out from the drive the previous day.

After our showers, we made a beeline for Katong Shopping Complex. Our task : Find out information about how our present maid, En who has indicated that she would like to work for us in KL, could be transferred over to KL to work for us. Also, we needed to find my mother a replacement maid ASAP so that she would have company and that someone can cook / clean for her whilst she is out at work.

We settled our enquires and vowed to bring my mum back to KSC the day after to choose her a maid and then had lunch at the kopitiam downstairs. Roasted chicken rice beckoned and it didn't disappoint, as per normal. We topped up our meal with chicken skin and a piece of beancurd and some (free) soup.

Alan HAD to go down to Tamiya at Paya Lebar next and he kept me waiting in the car for AN HOUR whilst he had a module 101 course by the kind salesman in the store on how to repair his RC car. :P

Next, we headed to Centrepoint. FIrst, we met up with Benjamin to discuss car insurance and etc at Starbucks and then Alan and I shopped at Robinson's for his bolster (he keeps stealing mine), bolster case and baby items (such as milk bottles/ food and bottle warmer/ itercom system etc). God ,baby items do cost ALOT!! :O

FOllowing that, we left to fetch my inlaws and Ah ma for dinner. We were due at Amara Sanctuary (Sentosa) for a food-tasting dinner. My sisinlaw and namesake is to be wed on 26 September 2009 and Alan and I were invited for her food-tasting at the hotel.

Ohhhhh the dinner was delicious. There was succulent cod fish, thick sharksfin soup and my favourite was the dessert- Yam Paste. Olalalaaaaaa.... it absolutely melted in my mouth and I could not resist Ah Ma's offer of her bowl as well. hahaha Ethan one bowl, Mummy one bowl.

Alan and I returned home satiated and happy and chatted with my mum before hopping into bed. ZzzzZz

30 August 2009 (Sunday)

Mr Gary kept me waiting (what is new?) for a mere 45mins and picked me up at 1115am. We skipped our fav haunt (cafe cartel) and ended up next door at Coffee Club where I had a Shephard's pie and he a quiche and coffee.

I had to cancel my pending lunch appointment with Elaine / Leo and Kala for various reasons sadly and also because I had a pressing errand to run.

Alan (with mum in the car) picked me up and we headed to KSC again to complete our Find Mum a Maid Task!

At the second agency, we found what we were looking for - Nanik, a pleasant 24 year old who could suffice as a good replacement for my mum's maid. We were very happy with our find! :) YaY

After that, Ethan was complaining of his starvation and we quickly headed to the dessert shop nearby to feed our bellies. We had some desserts and some finger food which would last us till dinner time. Next, we did a quick stop at the shop where we always bought our shampoos and soaps etc and I picked up some necessities and bought Mummy some hand cream.

Toa Payoh beckoned shortly after and we picked up TK for dinner.

We changed the dinner venue from Siglap to Parkway Parade which was good because (a) it was drizzling and (b) we had errands to run. The choice of dining restaurant: Ichiban again! Before dinner, we chanced upon a great sale at Aussino and bought another set of Ethan's bedding for a cool $39.90!! I also bought another container for all my creams to be placed on the counter top in front of my mirror.

All ten of us (my Inlaws, Mum and Jean, Paul and Yvonne, En and TK , Alan and myself) feasted on yummy Japanese cuisine to celebrate the third win of the month by my inlaws. (amazing but true). We chatted and laughed and enjoyed each others' company and time flew by... I polished off my salmon meal and also enjoyed an appetiser of thick and succulent birds nest which my MIL had painstakingly boiled for me (Ethan).

31 August 2009 (Monday)

Even though we had declared the night before that we would be leaving for KL early 10am, we still found ourselves in bed at 930am. haahha. What is new?

Alan and I had brunch at East Coast Road where we enjoyed our favourite staple :Mee Pok Tah in the newly revamped shop. Delicious -even though it seemed as if they had cut back on ingredients. ;p

Then, we headed to Paya Lebar for OSIM spare parts and Alan parked along the filter lane and rushed into Tamiya again to pick up some grease. :P We picked up En and all the barang we wanted to bring back to KL and then left for Tiong Bahru market where we bumped into Sharon , Chris and Ah Ma. Dad gave me more delicious kueh kuehs to bring back to feed Ethan (hee, good excuse) and then we left at 145pm for the causeway. :P

The drive was long and hard and towards the end (at 5pm) there was a massive traffic jam and poor Alan almost fell asleep at the wheel a couple of times. *sigh* The taffic police in Malaysia DO NOT help with alleviation of the traffic condition but ADD to it. :P

We arrived home at around 6pm, took a rest (Alan watered his dying grass) and then zoomed to Dogroomz to fetch the two doggies after dinner at the Chinese restaurant next door.

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