Monday, May 25, 2009


On Saturday 23 May 2009,

Alan and I refused to wake up till around 1030am. We called for a Mac Donald's breakfast and lazed in the house until the late afternoon. Then, we zoomed off the The Gardens where we had a late "lunch"at 6pm and caught the 630pm Night At the Museum II.

It was a deliciously funny and entertaining show and the monkey, Dexter, in my humble opinion, stole the show :) After the movie, it was almost 830pm and we roamed around Borders (I bought a Baby book again) and then left for Chinatown to have our dinner.

Alan (errr and I?) wanted to try the Hokkien Mee stall which had been featured on Astro channel as a recommended stall to try. We parked near a hotel and then ventured ourselves to look for the place along Jln Hang Lekir.

Using the Iphone GPS (a very useful device, I must add), we arrived in one piece after walking through the cramped lorongs filled with fake LVs and Guccis. I didn't even take a second glance and just paced through speedily in order to get out of the way of seedy characters.

Finally, we arrived at the stall and boy was it crowded. We were directed to our seats and ordered (black) Hokkien mee for two and cabbage + meat "ball"soup and two glasses of barley water.

In the end, after the meal, both of us were sorely disappointed at the non-praiseworthy noodles and declared that the barley drink was the saving grace of our dinner. *sigh*

Sunday 25 May 2009

Again we had to wake up early (read 730am) to bring Coco to obedience school. He didn't do a good job today so we were half relieved when the trainer postponed Coco's exam (and the rest of the class') till middle of June, instead of next week!

To satisfy my cravings, we hopped over to the food court next door and ordered some sinful breakfast. I had chicken chop with black pepper sauce and Alan had lamb chops with the same sauce.

Then, it was home sweet home and all five of us (2 adults, 1 little baby in womb and 2 doggies) fell fast asleep. ZzzzzZz

Actually, at 5pm, Jay Jay was slated to commence another 10 sessions , this time of Novice training. However, the Pregnant Mama cajoled and threatened and pleaded and in the end, we didn't turn up for the lesson. heehe.

We went, instead, to the Bangsar Pasar Malum. The mangosteens were beckoning and we bought 2kg worth. We also picked up some prawns and two big pomfrets which were fast flying off the counter of the fish monger's. We also bought Rm28 worth of vegetables from the Indian lady again.

Next stop: TMC where we bought around RM200 worth of groceries to fill the bellies of the husband, the wife and the child. haha. Then, an idea struck us: We left quickly for home and Alan whipped up a storm in the kitchen and dished up pork chops and aglio olio. It was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!

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