Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Busy Weekend

Saturday 14 march 2009

We went to the Doctor's at Mid Valley in the late, late morning and then headed to Toast Box for my meesiam fix. In search of more furniture for the house, we roamed around MVMM and found quite a few gems. They didn't come quite as affordable as the ones we had bought in Barang Barang Singapore (at storewide 40% off) though!

After walking up and down for quite a while, we decided to head home first for a catnap before meeting Eric and Ms Lee ( our housing agents) at our new house to do the inventory list and take some photographs. It was drizzling abit when we got there (early) at 420pm. We sat in the car and admired our new house before Ms Lee turned up and opened the gate for us.

After realising that the current owner is actually not that bad, as initially portrayed, we proceeded to chat and walk up and down, taking in the 'facts' of the house and making mental calculations of how much work would be needed to make it OUR home.

After that was done, it was around 5+pm and we headed to Bangsar area nearby to explore.

At 730pm (both parties were late becos of the rain), we met the Kua family at Coconut Flower for a sinful dinner. We had oyster egg, crab ( i only had 1 smallllll pincer lah), vege, herbal chicken, fried lala with sambal etc etc...The rest of the dishes havent been committed to my memory. After the chit chat, we all headed home tiredly at 9+pm.

15 March 2009
Early this morning, Coco started his first obedience class with Michael. Alan handled him whilst I entertained and later got irritated by a busy-body of a little girl named Margret. Jay Jay was his usual jumpy self.

From 930-1030, Jay Jay attended his class but refused to sit /down/ stay. I think he is still traumatised by the incident 2 weeks ago when he was brutally attacked by a dog named Chocky. (They should have named him Chucky) :P

Once lessons were over, we bought some Ipoh Horfun and dimsum from the nearby foodcourt and then headed for home to enjoy our brunch. We both had a little nappy and then went off to bangsar, in the rain, to buy more furniture.

We headed to East India Company and after scouting around, picked a lovely antique chest from China. it had been restored and returned to its original glory. It will be our centrepiece in the dining area. We also contemplated buying a swing from the shop next door. Oh how I would love a swing in the patio area. We actually have the space for it as well!

After that visit, we left for the nearby pasar malum when the rain had dissipated somewhat. Picked up necessities like veges and fruits and then left to TMC to buy some meats and canned stuff.

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