Monday, July 21, 2008

Arabian Lady Students

I had two new students today - Aisha and Haifa. Both are Arabians who have accompanied their husbands who are on business to KL. We interestingly, sat on the floor, in the multi-purpose hall, and had our 1 hour lesson from 2-3pm.
I taught them how to converse with a taxi-driver, a salesgirl and also a waitress and they took down notes purposefully in a bid to make their trips to KLCC and MVMM more fruitful. After that, I went home to cook dinner for Alan.

We had very fresh food (from Bangsar Pasar Malum) and I steamed the huge prawns, and fried the fish with sweet and sour sauce. Our watercress and pork rib soup was also delicious. The husband kept praising the Housewife throughout the meal.

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