Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I have a Bug and his name is Flu!

Hi dearies...

I have been down with the flu bug since Sunday night and today, I finally dragged myself to the doctor's at Mid Valley Mega mall. The consultation, antibiotics, cough suppressant, lozenges, flu tablets and panadol cost me Rm55! Apparently it's considered quite cheap already. Wow malaysians here must make sure that they seldom fall sick cos' a visit to the doc's is quite painful in all aspects of the word!!!

I hit MPH for 10% off offers and manage to grab 2 books useful for me to teach English to adults in Malaysia. hahaha. There's a market for it here and I might as well capitalise on it! I also bought the GM a dictionary for the office place.

Then I took a cab from MVM to KLCC to meet Alan and the guys for Vantage Point. We had a quick dinner at the food court. I felt feverish again so I popped my pills. The movie was quite interesting but should have been named Deja Vu. hahaha Watch it to understand the reason for my comment.

Then we proceeded to Lanson Place to collect old letters. And yes, all my previous mail has been lost in the ineffectual mail system here in KL. ;P Sorry Peiting! and soon it was home sweet home.

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