Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our LONG weekend

Friday 29 August 2008

Alan arrived home very early this evening but I was at tuition with Hayden. The poor boy has two more classes after mine (and he had had classes in the day as well). I am sure Hayden wishes that school reopens soon so that he will have a more fixed curriculum.

Alan and I left the house at around six plus pm and decided to go to MVMM to shop around and have dinner. We went to CarrerFour and he indulged in some corn kernels, corn syrup etc to make his own home-made caramel popcorn. I bought some essentials and baking stuff.

When finally we wanted to try out the highly acclaimed food court for it's bbq stingray, we realised that the whole foodcourt had moved or closed down. *big sigh* We settled dinner at Little Penang Cafe and I had a forgettable errrr... shucks, I can't remember wat I ate. And Alan had his laksa extra hum pls!

It was home sweet home after that and we were busy in the kitchen till one plus am. I made more cookies (I have already made some peanut butter cookies) for the kids at the orphanage and Alan whipped up delicious popcorn - better than the ones you have in the cinema! :D~~

We only got to bed at around two am.

Saturday 30 August 2008

We woke up late after Jay Jay's incessant licking and then made a big breakfast of garlic bread n chicken nuggets and half-boiled eggs. We then went to MVMM where Alan cut his hair with Bill and ended up looking like a man with awkard tendencies again. As Alan enjoyed his hair wash and cut, I shopped around and bought some books and clothes for TK and went to Jusco etc.

Later, we had our lunch at the Flying Chillies, a Thai restaurant in The Gardens. My chilli soupy noodles left much to be desired , as did the papaya salad but Alan's tanghoon crayfish did not disappoint. We proceeded to Maxis to enquire about my surfing the internet with my iPhone - as you can tell, Malaysia's utter lack of efficiency is amazing. After about five calls and resetting my sim card and (today's) changing a sim card, I still cannot surf the internet with my iPhone. My goodness me gracious.

Our next stop (ooo what a busy day!) was the orphanage where we wanted to serve up the cookies to the children. We arrived only to find out that the children were all on 'holiday' in Gentings. Don't ask me how come they are there. So we decided to go back tomorrow instead.

Prawn fishing was next on our list. This time, we had done our research and were determined to catch up some dinner!! We started at 550pm and 15 minutes later, we already had two big prawns in our basket! After two hours of focused fishing, Alan and I caught up (get this!) FOURTEEN PRAWNS!!!! *claps* A sure improvement from last week's catch. (errrr... actually even if we had caught one miserable prawn today, it would have been a 100% improvement from last weekend's adventure.) We had the fourteen prawns steamed and a plate of mee goreng and some toufu. Ahhhhhhhhh that's the life.


Today we had used a special bait - see hum - and trawled across the waters gently. Quite exciting I must say. Maybe our next adventure will be FISHING ;) Ok the hubbie is waiting for me to watch a DVD. :)

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